Woman’s Name ‘Ruined’ by Amazon as People Started Making Fun of It

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For almost a decade, one woman has weathered the storm of constant teasing and jests, not because of an eccentric or unusual name, but due to a seemingly innocuous one: Alexa. The tale of Alexa Nizam reveals the unexpected challenges that emerged when Amazon decided to introduce its virtual assistant, Alexa, in 2015.

From Fondness to Mockery

Alexa shared her initial fondness for her name, blissfully unaware of what was to come. The subtle mockery began innocently, with jokes about weather updates and song requests reminiscent of the infamous “Alexa, play ‘Despacito’” meme that swept the internet in the late 2010s.

Working at a department store in 2018, Alexa faced direct jabs from customers, enduring remarks like, “What’s the weather today, Alexa?” or “What time is it, Alexa?”, a relentless onslaught that left her dreading self-introductions.

Dealing With the Torment

The peak of her torment came with the meme’s virality, but even as virtual assistant interruptions disrupted Zoom calls during the pandemic, Alexa persevered.

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Despite the disruptions and the enduring jokes, she found a silver lining during her college graduation, using her gown cap to humorously declare, “Alexa, play ‘Going back to Cali'”.

Embracing a Name

While the memes have quieted down, Alexa still deals with the aftermath, introducing herself as “Alexa, like the Amazon robot,” to avoid confusion with names like Alexis or Alexia. Reflecting on the experience, she wished that Amazon had followed Apple’s Siri route or just used its own name, like Google. Surprisingly, Alexa even has her own Amazon Alexa assistant.

In the face of adversity, Alexa has learned to embrace her name again, finding a balance between humor and self-acceptance. Yet, a cautionary note lingers: if you ever meet Alexa, kindly stop yourself from asking about the weather.