Woman Sparks Debate With Claims Her Nails Are the New ‘Blue and Black Dress’

Instagram // @lissjonails

Who here remembers the “blue and black dress” controversy? It was a photo of a dress that many perceived as blue and black, while others saw it as white and gold. The dress may have been the most viral instance of this color discrepancy, but it definitely wasn’t the last. In comes Caitlin, who sparked a debate amongst her family with her “Aruba” nails.

A Modern Twist on the Famous Dress Debate

Caitlin, a TikTok creator, shared the ambiguity surrounding her manicure, revealing a family-wide discord on whether the hue leaned towards blue or green. In a quest for clarity, Caitlin sought an opinion from her wife, Leah, and other family members, but no one could agree on what color they were. The mystery deepened as Caitlin unveiled the original nail color, inviting viewers to partake in the mind-blowing enigma of deciphering the true shade.

TikTok // @caitlinandleahh

In a caption pondering the uncanny resemblance to the infamous “blue and black or white and gold dress” conundrum, Caitlin revisited the nine-year-old internet sensation that sparked global debates over its true colors. The striped dress, a source of contention, echoed Caitlin’s current nail dilemma, causing viewers to argue over the true color of her nails.

The Science Behind Color Perception

Thousands of divided TikTok users expressed their opinions on the color, with some adamantly stating it’s green, similar to a sage or pistachio hue. On the contrary, others were convinced it was undoubtedly blue, leaving fans baffled as to what the color truly was.

In a WIRED article back in 2015, Bevil Conway, an artist and Harvard-educated neuroscientist specializing in color perception, delved into the science behind why people perceive colors differently. He explained that the visual system attempts to discount the chromatic bias of the daylight axis, leading people to either discount the blue side, resulting in a perception of white and gold, or discount the gold side, leading to a perception of blue and black. This insight sheds light on the fascinating intricacies of color perception that play a role in situations like the viral dress debate. Will the world ever manage to agree on a color?

Finland’s Most Important Lessons About Happiness

Find Out What Finland’s 8 Secrets to Real Happiness Are
Arrive at the Bridge Before You Cross It

Finland is known to be the happiest country in the world. So what would happen if we take a masterclass and learn their secrets? In this article, we’ll help you find your inner Finn and master the Finnish-style happiness, too. Read on to find the 8 keys lessons.


The first Finnish secret to learn is to “cross that bridge when you get there” — not before. Worrying about potential future problems is meaningless. If something bad happens, you’ll learn how to deal with it, Before that, though, there’s no point in stressing about situations that may never occur.


Going out into nature is not as intimidating as you think. You should do what you love and do it in a way you love. A simple walk in the woods in the company of a cup of coffee is a simple but effective way to achieve happiness. Another great idea is to set up a picnic table. Remember that nature doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Enjoying coffee in your yard will have pretty much the same effect.

Relax and Remember the Good Times

Another lesson to learn is that not all memories can be good ones, and you don’t need to hold onto them.

a girl listening to music laying on the grass
Relax and Remember the Good Times

Find a way to let go of what’s making your mind suffer and free up more space for beautiful moments.

Embrace the Challenges

As you embrace challenges, your confidence will significantly increase, and you’ll get stronger and happier. Choose to stay out of your comfort zone instead of being trapped within it. Try something you’ve been scared to do, like taking a yoga class or traveling alone.

Manage Expectations

Another Finnish perspective is that there isn’t an idiom for pursuing happiness. A typical Finnish response to “How are you?” is “Nothing more than misery.” In other words, it’s okay to sometimes be content with just being okay.

Put Meaning Before Income

Meaningfulness should always come before income. The great thing about Finland is that people do what they love for the benefit of others.

a group of friends laughing
Put Meaning Before Income

Do meaningful work that you love in a way that you love.

Supportive Environment

The last secret to achieving happiness is surrounding yourself with fresh air, clean water, nature, and most importantly — a group of other remarkable people searching for happiness. Rely on those around you, as they’re here to support your journey too.