People Are Losing Minds Over the Fruit of the Loom ‘Mandela Effect’

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Delving into the realm of Mandela effect conspiracy theories can lead to a profound questioning of your foundational beliefs. This phenomenon occurs when a significant number of individuals collectively “misremember” the same details, whether a pivotal event, a logo, or even the arrangement of letters in a word. The debate this time is centering around the logo of the American clothing company Fruit of the Loom and its cornucopia.

Fruit of the Loom Logo Controversy

There’s a sharp divide in opinion regarding the iconic fruity logo of the US brand Fruit of the Loom. One faction staunchly believes that the logo once prominently featured a cornucopia, while the other half, along with the company itself, vehemently insists that it never did. Remarkably, this controversy has been ongoing considerably longer than one might initially assume.

As far back as 1994, the spokesperson featured in the clothing company’s advertisements asserted that the horn-shaped basket was indeed a part of the labels on their products. Curiously, the original Fruit of the Loom logo depicted a cornucopia brimming with an apple, green grapes, purple grapes, and their accompanying leaves.

TikTok Creator Unveils Evidence

A TikTok creator, @dimelifting, has passionately sought to prove the inclusion of a cornucopia in the Fruit of the Loom logo for months, presenting compelling evidence. After meticulous research, Nicole discovered a t-shirt with the logo as she remembered it, refuting Fruit of the Loom’s denial. She has labeled this controversy as “one of the greatest marketing ploys in history.”

TikTok // @dimelifting

Fruit of the Loom has acknowledged the cornucopia controversy, but doubt surrounds their statement. In a tweet from June last year, the company posted a crossword puzzle with the clue: “Fruit of the ____ (company that does not, in fact, have a cornucopia in its logo).” The accompanying caption declared, “The Mandela effect is real, the cornucopia in our logo is not.”

Snopes Enters the Fray

Fact-checking website Snopes has joined the cornucopia debate, stating that the photographic evidence is weak. Among hundreds of examples, Snopes highlights that only two distinct images were presented of the logo with a cornucopia. Both images are allegedly from shirts found in thrift stores. As no verified image of a Fruit of the Loom containing a cornucopia exists in print, and the company has officially stated that its logo has never contained a cornucopia, the claim is false.

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Perhaps it has always been just the apple, green grapes, purple grapes, and leaves in the Fruit of the Loom logo. However, many distinctly remember the fruit spilling out of a cornucopia and everyone is equally perplexed.

New Words Including Rizz and Simp Added to the Dictionary

New Words Including Rizz and Simp Added to the Dictionary

The English language is always evolving, so it’s standard for new words to appear, and it’s even more common for old words to take on new meanings. While slang is something older generations always struggle to understand, its importance to language means that slang words are always popping up in the dictionary! It’s a good way to help those from older generations keep up with all of the new terms popping up and understand their meaning.

The Ones That Stand Out

Since technology and the internet have become popular and people and cultures are mixing more and more, it’s only natural that more and more slang words have started to make their way into everyday language. Here are some of the most unusual and interesting ones that made their way into the Merriam-Webster Dictionary in September of 2023!

The Ones That Stand Out

“Rizz” comes from the word charisma, and it basically means that someone is very charming, especially in terms of romantic partners. Then there’s “zhuzh,” which is when a small improvement completes something, like a look or taste. It’s often said as “zhuzh up.” “Padawan” has also taken on a new meaning beyond the Star Wars franchise, now just meaning any young naive, or inexperienced person.

The Most Trusted Dictionary

Merriam-Webster is known throughout America as one of the most trusted dictionaries, so it’s no wonder people are confused by the new slang words added. A total of 690 new terms were added, showing that Merriam-Webster is keeping up with the times!

The Most Trusted Dictionary

There are plenty of other slang words like doggo, cromulent, and goated, and even abbreviations such as NGL, TFW, and more. Not gonna lie, we’re excited to see how language continues to evolve and grow with each new year passing by and generation giving dying words a new meaning.