Man Who ‘Looks 14’ Keeps Birth Certificate on Him to Prove Real Age

Denis Vashurin, a renowned travel blogger, has captured the attention of thousands with his mesmerizing adventures and travel photographs on Instagram. Denis’s ageless visage has left many baffled, mistaking him for a teenager. It has led him to carry his birth certificate as evidence of his age, ensuring others comprehend the reality behind his boyish appearance.

The Origins of the Ageless Look

The Origins of the Ageless Look

Denis’s captivating story began to unfold two-and-a-half years ago when he first garnered attention for his seemingly ageless looks. Born and raised in Russia, he embarked on a quest to find answers about his perpetually youthful appearance.

Despite numerous hospital visits, the enigma surrounding his timeless facade remained unsolved. Now, at 35 years old, Denis is mistaken for a 14-year-old boy, prompting him to carry his birth certificate to dispel any doubts regarding his age.

The Challenges of Eternal Youth

Denis’s youthful appearance has not come without its fair share of challenges. Interactions with authority figures, such as traffic authorities, have often led to perplexed reactions upon inspecting his identification documents.

Nevertheless, Denis acknowledges the necessity for adhering to the law and remains composed during such encounters. While initial astonishment is commonplace, a mere conversation is enough for some to overlook his ageless exterior.

Navigating Reactions and the Power of Positivity

Navigating Reactions and the Power of Positivity

Despite occasional encounters with negative comments and insults online, Denis has learned to focus on the positive aspects of life. Recognizing that everyone faces detractors, he chooses to invest his time in activities that bring him joy.

He loves traveling, hiking in the mountains, indulging in his passion for cars, and cherishing moments with his girlfriend, who embraces him for who he is. Denis’s philosophy revolves around valuing health over physical appearance and understanding that nature grants each being their unique journey through time.

Polite Habits House Cleaners Secretly Hate—and What to Do Instead

Maintaining a clean home is a priority for many, and cleaning experts play a role in helping us achieve that goal. While our intentions to be helpful are well-meaning, it’s essential to recognize that certain habits can inadvertently annoy cleaners.

The Unsung Pet Peeves of House Cleaners: 11 Polite Habits to Rethink
Habits House Cleaners Hate

Cleaning Before the Cleaners Arrive

Many homeowners believe they are doing their house cleaners a favor by tidying up before they arrive. However, this can often backfire. Rather than attempting to clean areas yourself, focus on decluttering and clearing surfaces.

The Art of Conversing

Over time, a rapport may develop between homeowners and house cleaners. While it’s natural to engage in small talk, it’s crucial to consider the cleaner’s time constraints. Strike a balance by briefly catching up and then allowing them to concentrate on their tasks.

Hovering or Helping?

Hovering around the cleaner can make them feel uncomfortable and undermine their expertise. Avoid the temptation to watch their every move. Instead, communicate any specific requests at the beginning of the session.

Hovering or Helping?

Extra Pay, Extra Trouble

Offering extra payment to the cleaner for tasks outside their contract can cause potential violations of company policies. If you have specific requests, discuss them with the cleaning agency beforehand, agreeing upon any additional charges and scheduling.

Unclear Instructions

Providing vague instructions can lead to misunderstandings and inconsistencies in the cleaning process. It’s best to communicate specific details about each task, including the areas to focus on. This clarity enables the cleaner to deliver a satisfactory result.

Moving Items

Rearranging items before their arrival can create confusion and additional work for your house cleaner. Allow them to navigate their usual cleaning routine, as they are familiar with the best methods for tidying. If certain items need moving, communicate this in advance.

Moving Items

Pre-Soaking Pitfalls

Pre-soaking the shower or tub with bleach can pose risks to your cleaner. The mixture of chemicals they use may react with the bleach, resulting in harmful gases. If you choose to pre-clean, inform the cleaner of the chemicals used and ensure proper ventilation.

Keys and Scheduling

If you need to provide keys to your house cleaner, it’s essential to make convenient arrangements for both parties. Coordinate schedules in advance and avoid last-minute changes that may disrupt their workflow. Respect their time by being punctual or informing them if you anticipate delays.

Cleaning Supplies

It’s important to remember that house cleaners often have their preferred products and tools. Consult with them beforehand to determine if they will bring their own. This collaboration ensures they will have the equipment to deliver the best results.

Cleaning Supplies

Unsolicited Advice

Offering feedback on the cleaning process can be helpful, but be mindful of how you provide it. Avoid giving unsolicited advice, as it can distract and undermine the cleaner’s confidence. Schedule a separate time to discuss any concerns or suggestions you may have.


If there are any issues or concerns regarding the cleaning service, address them openly and promptly. Approach the cleaner respectfully and discuss the matter in order to find a resolution together. It fosters trust and allows for continuous improvement.