Divers Given Scare of Their Life From Shark Statue Dumped at Bottom of Lake

Reddit // u/1091drawde

In the deep part of Lake Neuchâtel in Switzerland, there’s a pretty weird surprise for divers. It’s a creepy shark statue with big jaws and fins, and it looks like it’s swimming. People are talking about it because it’s placed at the bottom of the lake, making it seem like it’s floating, thanks to some clever support. It scares many divers, and some even travel to the lake just to see it.

Fake Shark Scares Divers

Some folks think someone pulled a prank by putting the shark there to make locals think that Jaws was happening in their lake, and it kind of worked because divers are getting spooked when they see this unexpected underwater shark. People are sharing videos on social media, and it’s freaking some out while making others laugh.

The person who did this prank is getting props for being so creative. They’re saying if the shark was put somewhere normal, like a bus stop, it wouldn’t be as cool. People on Reddit played detective and found out that the shark was from a 1975 movie called Choc au Lac! It was made by a bunch of kids from Neuchâtel, and the movie was about a huge shark scaring the town.

The Shark Was a Film Prop

Since Choc au Lac! was never finished, it’s anyone’s guess how the shark statue ended up at the bottom of the lake. It is about 20 feet long and made of fiberglass, and most people don’t have a clue how it got to its current location in the lake. Some say it’s just a prank, and others think it’s a secret tourist thing or a way to get people excited about the unfinished movie.

Facebook // Esther Suter

Since 2002, divers have been going to check out the fake shark, wanting to see if it’s as scary as people say it is. The shark, with its mysterious story and weird smile, keeps sparking the imagination of those bold enough to dive into Lake Neuchâtel.