Three-Year Cruise Cancels Last Minute Leaving Passengers Stranded Days Before Departure

Pexels // Matthew Barra

People excited about a three-year cruise adventure, set to begin on November 30, were left feeling disappointed as the trip got canceled at the last minute. The cruise, organized by Life at Sea, promised visits to 135 countries and 375 ports over three years, offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Unfortunately, just two weeks before the exciting journey, it was unexpectedly called off due to a shortage of available ships.

An Unexpected Ship Acquisition

The exciting voyage was initially planned on the MV Gemini ship but later aimed for a larger vessel, the former AIDA Cruises ship AIDAaura. Unfortunately, this dream was shattered when another company acquired the ship. The journey faced numerous scheduling challenges, getting postponed multiple times. It was originally set to sail from Istanbul on November 1,  which was then moved to November 11 with a change in departure location to Amsterdam. Despite these adjustments, the company eventually canceled the cruise altogether.

Pexels // Meruyert Gonullu

As per an ABC News report, on November 17, guests received the unexpected news of the cruise cancellation through a 15-minute video from the former CEO of Life at Sea, Kendra Holmes, who had reportedly resigned a few days earlier. Those who had sold homes, shipped belongings, and traveled to Turkey now find themselves stranded with nowhere to go after the abrupt and surprising cancellation.

Passengers Speak Out About the Cancellation

In an interview with CNN, a distressed passenger expressed the challenging situation, stating that there are a lot of people now with nowhere to go, and some need their refund to even plan a place to go. Another man, who invested $85,000 in the cruise and sold his Florida home for the journey, shared his disappointment as well. Now facing uncertainty, the couple is stranded in Istanbul, planning to stay until they receive a refund.

Life at Sea vows to offer a complete refund to every passenger, distributing payments in monthly installments from December to February. Additionally, the company extends its support by covering hotel expenses up to December 1 for guests who are in Istanbul as well as reimbursing travel costs to their selected destinations.