A Boy Got Into a Shipping Container and Ended Up in Another Country

Most people will recall how thrilling it was to find a great hiding area while playing hide-and-seek. A boy named Fahim discovered an empty shipping container and achieved his goal. Yet, once inside, Fahim fell asleep by accident, resulting in a six-day trip from Bangladesh to Malaysia. Whoops.

A Boy Got into a Shipping Container and Ended up in Another Country
A Boy Got into a Shipping Container and Ended up in Another Country

A Shipping Container Hideout

The shipping container departed on January 11th and arrived in Malaysia on January 17th. During this time, Fahime was locked inside without any food or water. He was not discovered until a port employee heard knocking sounds coming from one shipping container. The shipment was inspected by several government organizations, including the Marine Police Force, the Malaysian Immigration Department, and the Klang District Health Department. The moment the boy was freed was captured on a video. It’s noticeable that the boy is confused and weak from a week without food or exposure to light.

A Boy Got into a Shipping Container and Ended up in Another Country

Despite initial suspicions that Fahim was locked on purpose, an inquiry uncovered no proof of wrongdoing. Deputy Police Commissioner Cha Hong Fong stated that there was no foul play involved in this incident, except for the hide-and-seek game gone wrong. Fahim was reunited with his family after a visit to the hospital established that he was in stable condition. The Malaysian Minister of the Interior tweeted a series of updates on the situation.

Fahim Returned Safely

Dr. Artini from the Chow Kit Foundation called the minister’s office after the youngster got treatment at Tengku Ampuan Ranimah Hospital. The minister requested that he be placed under the care and supervision of the Care Center, which is run by the foundation. It’s a local non-profit that serves the needs of adolescents and children.

A Boy Got into a Shipping Container and Ended up in Another Country

Fahim’s repatriation papers were organized by the Ministry of Home Affairs, which approached the High Commissioner of Bangladesh in Malaysia. Fahim returned home, and it’s quite unlikely that he will play hide-and-seek again for some time.

Michael B. Jordan Met an Old Classmate at a ‘Creed III’ Event

Michael B. Jordan, 36 years old, was attending a fan screening of his most recent film, Creed III. While there, he saw a former classmate who had bullied him when he was younger, getting ready to interview him on the red carpet.

Michael B. Jordan Met an Old Classmate at a ‘Creed III’ Event

Was Michael B. Jordan a Corny Kid?

In an interview in The Morning Hustle, the actor said that the bully remembered him as being a corny kid, and they go back to Chad Science Academy in Newark. With his comment, Michael B. Jordan referred to an episode of The Undressing Room podcast from 2021. In the episode, podcast hosts Eva Marcille and Dominique da Diva discussed Lore’l’s relationship with model Lory Harvey, referring to him as a “nice, corny guy.”

In the same episode, she also mentioned that they made fun of the star actor because he has the same name as the legendary NBA player Michael Jordan. She said that they attended Chad Science School in Newark together, and they constantly made fun of him because his name was Michael Jordan. In addition, she also said that he would arrive at school with a headshot. They lived in Newark, and this was the hood. While she assured the actor during their red-carpet encounter that she was “misquoted,” adding that Michael B. Jordan was “k*lling it” out there.

Telling a Story in Creed III

In the movie Creed III, Michael B. Jordan reprises his role as Adonis Creed. He also makes his directional debut with this movie. Timing influenced his decision to assume the post of director. During a virtual Q&A back in October, he stated that he finally reached a point in his career where he wanted to tell a story, not just stand in front of a camera and execute someone else’s idea. Having a character he played twice before also helped. He thinks that this telling Adonis’ tale is a privilege.

Maturity also had a role in his choice. At the time, he told reporters that at the age of 35, he had a lot to say as a young guy, about his life experiences and how he could share a bit of himself with the world through these characters and the story of the movie Creed III.

In 2020, Time magazine recognized Jordan as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. In the same year, The New York Times placed him on its list of the top 25 actors of the 21st century, in 15th place overall. Also, Michael B. Jordan is a co-owner of AFC Bournemouth soccer club, which competes in the English Premier League.