Man Stopped by Airport Security Over Mystery Christmas Gift His Grandma Told Him Not to Open

Image by wavebreakmedia_micro on Freepik

In a super popular TikTok video, Brett Gaffney, an actor from Los Angeles, tells a funny story. Someone asked him, “Why are you carrying a special case when you don’t even know what’s inside?” Brett’s grandma wanted his Christmas gift to be a big surprise, but it almost caused a problem at the airport.

The Curious Case of the Mysterious Briefcase

Following his grandmother’s strict rule, the TikTok user refrained from opening the mysterious briefcase. However, upon passing through airport security, the agents became intensely curious and questioned him about its contents. Persistently asserting, “I don’t know, I don’t know!” only fueled their surprise, leading them to inspect the briefcase.

TikTok // @brett.gaffney

To everyone’s astonishment, the surprise gift was a vintage typewriter. Drawing a humorous parallel with Tom Hanks, the TikTok user quipped about potentially writing a book in the park with the typewriter. Despite the airport security ordeal, viewers found delight in his innocent adherence to the surprise, amassing over 500,000 views and sparking amusing comments.

Post-Airport Adventures With the Gift

Post-incident, Brett continued sharing updates on his typewriter experience, revealing it to be an SCM Smith-Corona 250. In subsequent videos, he candidly admits his unfamiliarity with such devices and attempts to type on journal paper, contemplating the need for typewriter ribbons due to faint ink. In a later video, Gaffney reveals his growing fondness for the vintage typewriter, drawing a charming comparison to the joy he felt as a child with new toys that inspired him to play hooky.

TikTok // @brett.gaffney

Playfully acknowledging his transition into “becoming an old man,” he expresses a newfound desire to stay home and indulge in typing on his typewriter. As the week progresses, Gaffney manages to acquire a ribbon and paper for the device. He later joyfully showcases himself typing, accompanied by the caption, “I didn’t think I’d use this, but here we are. It’s so calming.”