30+ Stunning Female Athletes Who Could Easily Be Models

This article appeared in www.cleverclassic.com and has been published here with permission.
These Athletes Could Have Been Models

There’s no denying that our world is filled with brilliantly talented female athletes who have paved the way for women alike. And while we commend these champions for dominating in their chosen sport, we can’t help but also notice their radiant beauty. Had these ladies not entered the world of athletics, there’s no doubt that they would have easily been just as successful as models. Keep scrolling to read about these iconic powerhouses…

Laila Ali

Daughter of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, Laila is a former professional boxer who competed from 1999 to 2007 before retiring as undefeated. Since she stepped out of the ring, Laila has gotten married and done various amounts of television work including her appearance on George Lopez and as a participant on Dancing With the Stars.

(Left) Facebook // Laila Ali | (Right) Pinterest // @gsheltonusno

Then again, are you really that surprised? Not only does she have an undeniable presence but she’s also downright beautiful. The powerhouse has also appeared in numerous magazines such as Sports Illustrated, People, Vogue, and Cosmopolitan among many more.

Blair O’Neal

Raised in Arizona, the ever-so stunning Blair O’Neal has been playing golf since she was just 11 years old. By the time she turned 13, Blair began playing for the American Junior Golf Association and her career only grew from there. After four years of collegiate-level golf at Arizona State University, O’Neal began playing professionally all whilst establishing a modeling career.

Facebook // Blair O’Neal

After all, have you seen her?! Her smile could seriously light up a room! In any event, the blonde bombshell has been quite busy throughout the years. Today, though, she has her hands full taking care of her newborn baby with husband Jeff Keiser.

Natalie Coughlin

A California native, Natalie Coughlin is a competitive swimmer and twelve-time Olympic medalist. With these kinds of achievements under her belt, it’s no surprise that Coughlin has earned the World Swimmer of the Year Award once as well as American Swimmer of the Year Award three times.

Reddit // u/CelebBattles

Since her last big meet in 2016, Coughlin has kept busy with other ventures. Aside from becoming a spokeswoman for C20 Coconut Water and appearing on television, Coughlin has written a book and modeled for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, which doesn’t come as much of a shock considering her impressive talent and radiant beauty.

Courtney Force

The youngest daughter of 16-time NHRA World Funny Car Champion John Force, Courtney Force isn’t your ordinary 32-year-old. After following in her father’s footsteps and becoming a drag racer, the blonde-haired beauty worked hard to become a household name.

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During her career, Force also did television work including a feature with her family on A&E’s reality show Driving Force. In 2015, she married fellow racecar driver Graham Rahal and five years later, the couple announced that they’re expecting their first child in November 2020. So, although Force retired from her sport in 2019, there’s no doubt that she’ll be keeping busy.