Man Shows What Hacker Can Actually See on Your Laptop and How to Remove Them

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Ever found yourself in a panic when thinking about what to do if a hacker infiltrates your laptop? Fear not, because Matthew Linkert has some valuable insights to share on TikTok, guiding you through removing an unwanted hacker from your laptop or Mac. In the increasingly digital landscape where cyber threats loom, Matthew’s expertise serves as a beacon of knowledge to empower users and enhance their cybersecurity awareness.

Troubleshooting the Issue

Matthew, a Canadian tech enthusiast, recently demonstrated the extent to which a hacker can invade your privacy by gaining access to your computer, from monitoring your keystrokes to acquiring your passwords. It’s a scary reality for those who have fallen victim to such cyber intrusions, especially considering the potential access to webcams.

Matthew emphasizes the importance of checking homepage settings and ensuring login settings are normal. His ultimate advice is to have a reliable virus scanner installed to fortify your defense against a potential hacker. So, the next time you fear a cyber invasion, remember Matthew’s tips for a secure digital environment.

Practical Advice for Removal

Matthew’s TikTok videos offer practical solutions for PC  and Mac users. For regular PC users, he advises an immediate internet shutdown if you suspect hacking, giving you time to assess the situation. If you have an offline virus scanner, run it to detect and eliminate threats. In the absence of a virus scanner, Matthew recommends putting your PC into “safe mode with networking” to troubleshoot the issue effectively.

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For Mac users, the process begins with disconnecting from the internet and running a virus scanner if available. Alternatively, you can initiate “safe mode” by shutting down the MacBook, holding the power button, releasing it, and holding the shift key until the Apple logo appears. Once in “safe boot,” you can reconnect to the internet and download a virus scanner.