Does Putting Vaseline on Your Eyes Actually Prevent Them From Watering?

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If you suffer from runny eyes, you know how annoying it can be. As always, TikTok comes to the rescue with a solution: Vaseline. An expert says the hack helps as long as you don’t apply the product on your waterline. Read on to find out more!

Does Vaseline Really Help with Runny Eyes?

You can find all types of beauty tips on TikTok, including some really useful ones. The newest trend is using Vaseline in the corners of your eyes to prevent them from watering. Vaseline doesn’t mix well with water and creates a barrier that prevents tears. You can do it during the cold months or when wearing non-waterproof eye makeup.

Wikimedia Commons // Kiyok // CC BY-SA 3.0

Videos of various creators using the hack have gained millions of likes and views. Although it works for many, make sure you avoid using the product on your waterline or tear duct as it could harm your eyes. Simply put it on the undereye area for optimal results. Don’t go directly over your skin with a finger. Use a sterile cotton swab to protect the delicate skin.

Use Vaseline the Right Way

Using a clean product is extremely important when applying Vaseline. If you use one that you’ve already dipped your fingers into, all of that bacteria will go straight to your undereye area. It can irritate your eyes and might even damage your vision. Buy a new sterile tube you’ll use solely for this purpose.

One more thing you can and should do to protect your eyes is wear sunglasses, especially when the weather is windy and the air is dry. It will prevent bacteria from hitting you in the face and will, therefore, protect your eyes. When driving, point your vent away from you, as this can make your eyes teary.