How To Easily Discover Telltale Signs of Snooping on Devices

Whether we like it or not, we store all sorts of sensitive information on our phones and laptops. That’s why it’s no wonder we don’t like other people snooping on our devices. Many people rely on various software to keep their information protected at all times. But disaster can strike in the blink of an eye. If you think someone has been poking around your device, here’s how to check.

Checking Devices for Snooping Signs

How To Easily Discover Telltale Signs of Snooping on Devices

Firstly, always remember that you might not always find definitive information proving that someone has indeed been poking around devices. With that in mind, it certainly helps to find out if somebody has been looking for something somewhere on your device.

Generally, there are two main devices that present an interest for prying individuals – smartphones and laptops. Below, you’ll find how to check both items for signs of any poking around your stuff.

Picking Up the Signs of Device Use

If you fear someone has installed a new app on your phone, simply check the app list. Remember that some apps can be hidden on the smartphone’s display. If you don’t discover any wrongdoing here, it’s time to move on to your browser. If you’ve turned on your activity log for your Google account, you’d be able to see what websites have been visited on the connected devices (including desktop browsing).

Checking the laptop is pretty much the same as finding any wrongdoing on smartphone devices. You can check for newly installed apps, pay attention to the browsing history on all browsers you have installed, etc. Keep in mind that many websites also have a history tab where you can check recently played videos or else.

Finding out that someone has been poking through your devices isn’t the most pleasant thing. If you determine that another person has indeed been poking over your stuff, consider adding another layer of security to protect your sensitive information.