Woman Shares One Question She Asks at Job Interview That Always Gets Her Hired

Image by Drazen Zigic on Freepik

You know that tricky part of an interview when they ask if you have any questions? If you can’t think of any, we have good news for you. This TikTok user has shared the question she asks that always gets her the job position. Read on and get ready for your next interview.

Ask the Right Question During an Interview

Of course, your abilities and strengths are the most important when applying for a job. However, there’s a little secret that can impress the interviewers and give you some extra points. Jennifer Reardon, also known as @notjenneeree on TikTok, shared the perfect question to ask during your interview. It turns out it’s all about asking about any fears the interviewers may have about you.

Image by pressfoto on Freepik

In her video, Jennifer claims that the trick she always uses to get a job offer is asking the people in front of her if they have any concerns about her that they can discuss before the interview ends. It shows that you are ready to talk about your weaknesses and work on them to get to where they need you to be. Once you do that, their concerns about you will disappear, and you’ll most probably get hired.

What People Think

The video got quite a lot of different reactions and responses. Some agreed with Jennifer’s advice, while others believed it put interviewers on the spot. A user even shared they had tried this and got confused looks afterward. However, another one said they used a similar question, and it actually got her the position.

Another user shared that the question they asked was simply, “Can I have the job?” Maybe being this straightforward is the key to success sometimes. Whichever way you choose to give a shot, remember to be yourself during the interview, and everyone will appreciate that.