Protocol You Must Follow if an Aggressive Dog Approaches You

Protocol You Must Follow if an Aggressive Dog Approaches You

They say that dogs are man’s best friend, and while that’s often true, they are still animals at the end of the day. Everyone knows that a dog attack can be brutal, and if a dog has become aggressive, you need to know how to look out for yourself. Here are some steps you can take to protect yourself should an encounter with a dog take a turn for the worse.

How to Act When a Dog Attacks

If you see an aggressive canine approaching, there are a few things you should and shouldn’t do. The most important thing is to stay calm and not run away. Back away slowly, and do not turn your back on the dog.

Should something happen that makes you end up on the ground, get into the fetal position, keeping your fingers in fists and putting your arms over your head.

Avoid Escalating the Situation

Don’t challenge the canine by looking it in the eyes, as they’ll usually perceive it as a threat. Don’t smile at the dog for similar reasons.

Also don’t yell at the dog as it’s already angry enough. Use your soft voice as a way to try to soothe it.

What to Do if it Bites

This is very important. If the dog is biting you, don’t pull away! It will only make the pup angrier and potentially cause you more damage.

What to Do if it Bites

Instead, you can try putting some kind of item between you and its mouth that it will hopefully latch onto. Don’t hit it, either, as that will scare it more.

Not All Dogs Are Dangerous

Some dog breeds may be stereotyped as being more dangerous than others, but the reality of the situation is that all dogs can bite or attack if they’re provoked.

Not All Dogs Are Dangerous

It comes down to how well the dogs are trained, their individual natures, and whether ignorant humans are smart enough to stay away from scared or anxious pups. Always ask owners before approaching or touching a dog you don’t know!

Prince Harry’s Novel, Spare Brings to Light Very Interesting Facts

There’s something magical about being privy to details about royal life and what happens behind closed doors. Everyone secretly wants to know what cake they ate at the wedding or how Prince Harry could have been labeled as ‘naughty’ when his life, especially as a teenager, was a little more colorful. As it turns out, royal or not – Prince Harry is actually down to earth and wants normal things out of life, and details from his novel, Spare, prove that!

Prince Harry’s Novel, Spare Brings to Light Very Interesting Facts

Neither Brother Blessed the Marriage

As it turns out, Prince Harry and his brother, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, had one request for their father. After Princess Diana, the boys’ mother, King Charles III met Camilla and brought her into the royal family. William and Harry were delighted that their father was happy and was alright with her being around, but they asked him not to marry her – begged him, in fact. Although, in 2005, the couple had a small civil union ceremony.

Meghan Wore a Different Crown

In his novel, Spare, Princess Harry shares details of his family’s relationship with Meghan Markle and one detail he shares many might not have known before the book. At her wedding, Meghan was supposed to wear the crown Princess Diana wore, but after searching through a private collection alongside the late Queen Elizabeth II, she chose a different one. Harry mentions how the press twisted everything to turn it into a bigger drama than it was.

Megan Markle on her wedding day

Meghan and Harry Furnished From Ikea

In Spare, Prince Harry recalls how different his and Meghan’s cottage was, compared to his brother’s lavish home that he shared with Kate, the Princess of Wales, and their children. He mentions how they purchased lamps and discount furniture from Meghan’s credit card, as his card was controlled by his father, King Charles III.

Spare Paints King Charles III as Tender

Countless headlines and the TV show The Crown portrays King Charles III as not such a great father, and the public was inclined to believe so. However, stories in the book written by Prince Harry portray him as tender. It mentioned how he would refer to Harry as a ‘darling son’ and cared about what was happening in his life. He also showed gentleness and love toward Meghan, which was heartwarming!

As intriguing and juicy as the royal life may seem to all of us – there is one thing that Spare reminded us of — the royals, more or less, are regular people with regular dreams and hopes, just like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who officially left the royal life for something a lot simpler and down-to-Earth.