Harklinikken Is Definitely the Best System for Hair Growth

Instagram // @jennifergrey and @harklinikken

Many people have struggled with hair loss and tried every product out there that promises immediate growth. Luckily, there may be a solution if you’re one of those people. Harklinikken is a Scandinavian hair growth system made from botanicals that improve scalp health, and it’s helping a lot of people.

What Is Harklinikken?

Harklinikken was launched in Denmark in 1992 by Lars Skjøth. The founder was trying to find a solution for his hair loss issues and ended up with a brand called Harklinikken (hair clinic). Their bestseller, Hair Gain Extract, is a personalized product depending on the client’s needs. The brand offers online appointments so people don’t have to travel to their clinics.

Instagram // @harklinikken

What makes the brand stand out is its approach to each client. The extract should be applied twice daily, the shampoo is tailored to the hair type, and the styling products won’t dry out hair. None of the products contains parabens, silicones, fragrances, or anything that could damage the scalp.

How Much Does Harkinikken Cost?

The prices for Harklinikken vary depending on the consultation and the number of products a person needs. An in-person consultation will cost $150, and online meetings are only $50. The products are a bit pricey, too; it’s $88 a month for the hair gain extract, $43 for the shampoo, and $44-$59 for the recommended conditioner. Purchasing the entire set is a bit more cost-effective.

Harklinikken might not be the most budget-friendly option because you’ll need consultations and check-ups, but in a few weeks, people can expect noticeable changes in their hair’s shine and overall health. In three to four months, hair growth will be visible as well as more volume. There will be lots of baby hairs, too, but it takes about six months for the final result.