Polite Habits House Cleaners Secretly Hate—and What to Do Instead

Maintaining a clean home is a priority for many, and cleaning experts play a role in helping us achieve that goal. While our intentions to be helpful are well-meaning, it’s essential to recognize that certain habits can inadvertently annoy cleaners.

The Unsung Pet Peeves of House Cleaners: 11 Polite Habits to Rethink
Habits House Cleaners Hate

Cleaning Before the Cleaners Arrive

Many homeowners believe they are doing their house cleaners a favor by tidying up before they arrive. However, this can often backfire. Rather than attempting to clean areas yourself, focus on decluttering and clearing surfaces.

The Art of Conversing

Over time, a rapport may develop between homeowners and house cleaners. While it’s natural to engage in small talk, it’s crucial to consider the cleaner’s time constraints. Strike a balance by briefly catching up and then allowing them to concentrate on their tasks.

Hovering or Helping?

Hovering around the cleaner can make them feel uncomfortable and undermine their expertise. Avoid the temptation to watch their every move. Instead, communicate any specific requests at the beginning of the session.

Hovering or Helping?

Extra Pay, Extra Trouble

Offering extra payment to the cleaner for tasks outside their contract can cause potential violations of company policies. If you have specific requests, discuss them with the cleaning agency beforehand, agreeing upon any additional charges and scheduling.