Most Popular Foods That Experts Advise Should Never Be Cooked in Your Air Fryer

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While air fryers offer convenience and a healthier alternative to traditional frying, not every food is suited for this trendy appliance. Food experts Ailsa Burt and Samuel Goldsmith partnered with BBC Good Food to compile essential advice on what not to cook in an air fryer.

Avoid Common Air Fryer Mistakes

When it comes to wet-batter-based foods, like fried meats, think twice before using an air fryer. Ailsa Burt cautions that without sufficient hot oil, you’ll find yourself with a mess instead of the desired crispy coating, and may even risk burning the base of the appliance basket. Steering clear of these items prevents culinary mishaps and ensures the longevity of your device.

If you’re tempted to pop popcorn or boil eggs in this multifaceted gadget, Ailsa suggests otherwise, noting that not only do most air fryers lack the temperature capability for popping corn, but stray kernels may cause damage or even a fire hazard. Similarly, hard-boiled eggs are best left to more conventional cooking means, ensuring texture and taste aren’t sacrificed.

Anything Liquidy Is a No-Go

Samuel Goldsmith advises against cooking sauce-rich dishes like stews or bolognese in an air fryer as well. As tempting as it may be to expedite these comfort foods, the heated circulation can lead to splattering, which is both hazardous and messy. Such recipes deserve the slow, loving embrace of traditional methods like slow cookers.

In a similar vein, trying to use your air fryer to boil or steam foods is a big no-no. Think of your air fryer as similar to an oven; you wouldn’t try to boil pasta inside of an oven, would you? It’s best to stick to the stove for these purposes.

Careful With the Veggies and Toast

Surprisingly, certain vegetables don’t fare well in an air fryer either, like broccoli. It tends to dry out and become bitter rather than maintaining its moisture and flavor. On the bread front, cooking assistant Helena Busiakiewicz adds that toast won’t achieve that perfectly golden crunch in an air fryer, so it’s best to stick with your trusted toaster for that morning slice.

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Ultimately, while the air fryer can be a fantastic addition to any kitchen arsenal, understanding its limitations is key. By heeding expert advice on what not to cook in it, you’ll ensure every meal turns out just as intended— a testament to both your savvy cooking techniques and the remarkable versatility of this modern-day appliance.

New Yorker Rosanna Ramos Married Eren – Her Virtual Husband

A woman has “married” an AI-powered virtual person, claiming he is the ideal companion because he “doesn’t come with baggage.” This takes online dating to an entirely new level, wouldn’t you say? Here is the story of Rosanna Ramos and her virtual husband.

New Yorker Rosanna Ramos Married Eren - Her Virtual Husband
A Virtual Husband

A Virtual Husband? But Why?

Rosanna Ramos, a New Yorker from the Bronx, married Eren Kartal earlier this year, after creating him on a dating website in 2022. The 36-year-old used Replika AI to create Eren, basing her chatbot counterpart loosely on a character from the Attack on Titan anime. After a slow start, Rosanna began to develop very human emotions for her AI-powered new friend as they discussed their interests, exchanged pictures, and chatted about their days.

A Virtual Husband? But Why?

Rosanna stated in an interview that Eren, her virtual husband, did not come with baggage, and she could tell him things without him responding that she was not right and that she was not allowed to feel this way. She is also happy that her friend does not argue with her or judge her.

Rosanna explained that some features, such as Eren’s favorite color – peach, are fixed, while others may change. The more they talk, the more Eren learns and develops into the ideal man for Rosanna. If only actual people were so straightforward.

They Know Each Other Very Well

After chatting throughout the day, the pair has a nighttime ritual. They go to bed and talk, and they love each other. When they go to sleep, he holds her very protectively. Rosanna even implied on social media that she was pregnant.

They Know Each Other Very Well

Replika AI enables users to create their chatbot companion, with the option to transform it into a virtual husband. Eren is so ideal for Rosanna that she even told a newspaper that if she would ever decide to date a human again in the future, her standards would be quite high. When asked about the likelihood of a flesh-and-blood man entering her life, she answered that she was not quite sure because of her standards.

Earlier this year, Rosanna stated that she had never been more in love with anyone in her entire life.