Costco Hacks Interior Designers Swear By

When talking about clever home design, Costco steps in as this totally unexpected treasure trove for savvy decorators out there. They’ve got an amazing lineup of stylish, pocket-friendly discoveries that go way beyond the typical bulk-buy stuff. Designers who know their stuff have literally hunted down these secret gems in the vast labyrinth of Costco’s aisles, and here is some of their insight.

Interior Design With Costco

Interior Design With Costco

When talking about creating a dreamy, put-together vibe, there is one key ingredient, and that is uniformity. It’s like the secret sauce for a cohesive interior that shows things are well put together. Costco certainly has the backs of its clients in this department. Their bundled selections are like a decorator’s dream! This means linens, plates, duvets, and towels, all in perfect harmony to give any home a fancy, high-end vibe.

Focusing on the heart of a home, the kitchen, Costco offers storage canisters, drawer organizers, and linens that all sync up like a choreographed dance. There are also candle bundles that add a touch of elegance and cozy vibes everywhere.

Costco Has Many Offers Available

Costco Has Many Offers Available

Lighting is the MVP of creating vibes, and the store has a lot of that too. Costco’s got a lineup of lighting styles that are like a treasure trove, including the Cabo Arc Floor Lamp, the Stylecraft Carrena Table Lamp, and the Oliver Metal Table Lamps.

Moving to the bedroom, Costco has bedroom furnishings that are both captivating and budget-conscious. The Rivina Nightstand 2-Pack emerges as a standout, striking a balance between elegance and functionality, which is ideal for storage.

Costco Has Many Offers Available

Outdoor living also receives due recognition, with Costco’s expansive selection of furniture and accessories. The store has many patio products, offering lawn furniture, grills, and more, and can metamorphose outdoor spaces into serene havens using solar shades, orb lights, and vibrant pillows.

Lush florals and plants breathe life into interiors, a sentiment that can be attested to by any interior designer. Costco’s bountiful offerings encompass both real and faux options, enticing decorators with their affordability and beauty.

The kitchen experiences a transformation through designer accessories and fixtures. Kohler’s steel trash bin and Cater Sink, complete with specialized accessories, beckon decorators seeking functional elegance. These assets, found at fractional costs, contribute to a kitchen’s allure and utility.

Debate Sparks Over a Man Refusing to Give Up a Seat on the Plane for a Couple

When traveling alone on a plane, the seat you sit on doesn’t matter that much. Sure, people might prefer to sit on the aisle or next to the window, but that’s often chosen before even getting on the place. However, when traveling as a couple, it might matter more where you and your partner sit. Some couples manage to pick beforehand and sit next to each other, while others are separated. But there are those people who switch if asked nicely. And then some refuse to swap no matter what.

Man Refuses a Seat Switch

The whole situation was entirely innocent. It just happened that a married couple traveling on Virgin Airlines did not do what many others do beforehand – they didn’t choose seats when buying their tickets. That caused Jay Kross and his wife Zoe to be separated. Zoe was seated by the window, and Jay was across the aisle. He politely asked the man next to his wife if he would switch with him, but the man blatantly refused.

Confusion and Irritation Arose

After the blatant response, Jay was confused. He asked the man to switch an aisle seat with his own – the seats were the same! It was Zoe’s birthday, and he wanted them to be together. Confusion grew to frustration because the guy refused to take the same spot just across the aisle, and when asked, he said there was no problem, but he still wouldn’t move.

A Debate Came Was Comming

Jay posted about this on his TikTok account, where he asks if he’s in the wrong since he was offering the guy the same spot just on the other side of the aisle. This comment sparked a debate in which some defended the man saying the couple should have picked seats beforehand, and others stood up for the couple, saying they would have just moved.

Debate Over a Man Refusing to Give Up a Seat on the Plane for a Couple

Although some people said the couple was entitled, and it didn’t matter whether it was her birthday, they should have picked before getting on – others defended them. Is it normal not to want to switch your seat with someone, even if it’s virtually the same?