The Woman Who Found a $6,200 Designer Wedding Dress for $25 at Goodwill Is Engaged

TikTok // @emmalifaith

In September 2023, Emmali Osterhoudt became an internet sensation when she shared her incredible find: a $6,200 Galia Lahav Couture wedding dress from Goodwill, snagged for just $25. Even though she wasn’t engaged then, she couldn’t resist. Fast forward to December 20, 2023, and Emmali joyfully revealed on TikTok that she’s now engaged to her boyfriend, Nick Gould.

A Royal Proposal and a $25 Wedding Dress

Emmali Osterhoudt recently shared a sweet moment on social media: her engagement to boyfriend Nick Gould. The couple was in front of Buckingham Palace in London when Nick proposed. Emmali’s surprised reaction and the romantic exchange were captured in a video. She excitedly shared that she can now finally wear her $25 Galia Lahav dress, showcasing a beautiful cushion-cut diamond on a yellow gold band.

Image by prostooleh on Freepik

Emmali Osterhoudt revealed that she and her newly engaged partner already have a wedding date in mind: June 6, 2025. Excited about their big day, Emmali shared that their wedding will be small and intimate. She’s also made plans for her outfit, confirming that she’ll indeed be wearing the special $25 Galia Lahav dress she found at Goodwill.

How Emmali Went Viral

Emmali Osterhoudt first gained online fame in September 2023 when she shared a TikTok story about her incredible find at Goodwill in Birmingham, Alabama. While on a trip to buy picture frames, she stumbled upon a stunning, heavily discounted Galia Lahav Couture wedding dress. Describing the unexpected discovery, Emmali recalled that she had already checked out. She was about to leave, and she saw a section that she hadn’t hit, so they went over there, and there it was.

It just goes to show that when visiting second-hand stores, keep digging because you never know what you’ll find! Maybe it’s a valuable vase, maybe it’s a shirt you really like, or maybe it’s a couture wedding dress.