These Are the 5 Cool-Girl Spring Trends Everyone’s Wearing in Paris

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If you ever go to Paris, you’ll be amazed by how women style their outfits. When passing by cozy little cafés on the Champs-Élysées, you might notice many French girls wearing clothing staples that always look chic even when styled differently. Today, we’ll share five spring 2024 trends and the essentials Parisian women have in their wardrobes.

Trench Coats Are Perfect for Spring

Trench coats remind many people of France. This spring, cropped trenches in different styles and colors will be seen all over Paris. The best part is that trench coats can be found in almost every store and are worth the investment as they are timeless pieces. Paired with wide-leg jeans and chunky boots, trenches will become your favorite spring clothing item.

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Of course, you can always choose a classic longer trench coat, which will always look chic and elegant. Beige and black are usually the colors people choose, but in Paris, you’ll often see women experimenting with hues such as pigeon blue or pistachio green. You can pair them with tighter jeans and sneakers for a more casual look. If you’re going out, trenches look great with dresses and heels.

Sleek Midi Skirts Are Always Cool

Parisian women always look sophisticated in their midi skirts. These perfectly complement a woman’s figure and look stylish when paired with a loose shirt, a chunky knit, or a buttoned-up denim jacket. In Paris, you can find them in every store during spring, or you can even shop online.

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Pairing a midi skirt with sneakers and a loose T-shirt is also a great idea. It’s comfortable yet elegant. Imagine being in Paris and riding a bike in this outfit. You’ll look like the ultimate Parisian girl everyone falls in love with.

Sheer Tops and Chunky Jewelry

In Paris, sheer tops are already becoming big and paired with all types of oversized bottoms. A tighter top and bigger pants are the perfect combo that looks stylish yet effortless at the same time. Of course, there’s something or everyone, and you can come across looser, button-down silhouettes.

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Chunky jewelry always makes a statement. In Paris, you’ll often notice girls wearing bold gold rings and even bolder necklaces and earrings. You can find various styles in most stores, as this will be a spring 2024 staple. Of course, Parisian women have already hopped on the trend.

Socks Make a Statement, Too

French girls love their fun socks, but not those ridiculous multi-colored pairs. Women in Paris go for subtle socks that still stand out and make a statement when worn with a classic, minimalist outfit.

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For example, they wear vibrant colors with loafers, which is currently a huge spring trend. Don’t be scared of colors like yellow, tomato red, or pink. They can make an outfit look ten times better and more chic.