Sabrina Carpenter Hasn’t ‘Found’ Her Sense of Style Yet

Instagram // @sabrinacarpenter

In a recent interview, singer and actor Sabrina Carpenter shared that she believed she still hadn’t found her definitive style. The 25-year-old shared insights into her evolving fashion journey and said that when she felt comfortable in an outfit, it boosted her confidence and overall happiness. Carpenter shared that in her 20s she was experimenting with her fashion journey and noted how she wore some not-so-stylish outfits on red carpets.

Experimenting with Fashion

Sabrina Carpenter views her less successful fashion moments as part of her growth and a natural way to learn. Now, she seems to prefer glittery and sophisticated outfits when she is out for a public appearance, which is a departure from the edgier styles she previously explored.

Instagram // @sabrinacarpenter

One of Sabrina’s most striking looks was at the Harper’s Bazaar Icons party in 2017, where she wore a silky purple dress accented with bows and a fitted skirt. She added drama to the ensemble with jet-black lipstick and sparkly eyeshadow. Another notable appearance was at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, where she dazzled in a custom Vera Wang haute couture gown featuring a crystal corset and a flowing tulle skirt.

Sabrina’s More Recent Style Choices

Since 2023, Sabrina Carpenter has continued to switch up her style in impressive ways. At the Louis Vuitton menswear spring/summer 2025 show during Paris Fashion Week, she wore a white blazer dress with a black graphic tie and some classy accessories. On stage, she often chooses glittery outfits and corset tops, which she likes to pair with miniskirts and large shoes.

Sabrina Carpenter’s fashion evolution certainly highlights her readiness to experiment and go for different styles. From her edgy red carpet looks to the glamorous gowns and more recent choices, she keeps fans on their toes with her ever-changing but always bold fashion choices.