Pamela Anderson Stepped Out in Makeup at the Met Gala

Instagram // @pamelaanderson

Pamela Anderson has been making public appearances without makeup ever since the Paris Fashion Week last year. These appearances have continued to make headlines because it’s so rare for fans to see confident celebrities without makeup on. However, at the recent Met Gala, Anderson decided to do something different and showed up with makeup.

Pamela Anderson Appeared with Makeup

Her makeup for the event was done by makeup artist Pat McGrath, who said that even with his touch, her look was way more natural than that of many of the stars who appeared at the Met Gala. According to Anderson, her choice to ditch makeup wasn’t a political statement but a practical solution for avoiding crowds and paparazzi.

Anderson shared how, on one occasion, she was chased by a crowd of paparazzi, so she decided to wear casual clothes and no makeup, and that allowed her to pass through them without any hindrance. It was later on that she started hoping that her example could help diversify the many ways women could use to express themselves. She also shared how, to her, not wearing makeup was a relief and felt like freedom.

Not Wearing Makeup Is Getting Popular

According to some experts, when celebrities like Pamela Anderson decide to show themselves looking natural, women around the world feel more inspired to embrace natural beauty. Other celebrities are taking note, too, like Kelly Ripa embracing her gray roots and Katie Couric doing an entire magazine spread makeup-free.

Instagram // @pamelaanderson

Justine Bateman felt similarly to Anderson about the freedom of it all. She said she felt like she was looking great while aging naturally, despite some disparaging comments about her on the internet. Experts agree that men seem to have an easier time embracing aging, but in recent decades, women have slowly felt more free to show off their natural looks.