People Stop to Take Pictures of the Man Who Resembles Actor, The Rock

People across the globe are aware of who Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is! He is the ex-WWE champion and a famous movie star featured in many films. He is a funny guy and exceptionally huge! His massive frame makes the average person look tiny! He is recognizable and gets treated like royalty wherever he goes – who could mistake him?

People Stop to Take Pictures of the Man Who Resembles Actor, The Rock

Strong Resemblance to Dwayne Johnson

A personal trainer, age 54, names Antonio Muratore from Milan, says he resembles Dwayne Johnson so much that he gets the appropriate attention! He is massive, just like the movie star, and even has tattoos made to look the same. He attracts a crowd everywhere he goes and gets asked for pictures wherever he goes. Muratore says that this resemblance has been a life-changing experience for him. He even comments that it’s incredible to look like such a great man.

Antonio says he never tires of the attention he gets for looking like the movie star and ex-WWE champion because it makes people happy. He explains that he is a quiet person, in general, but he can handle this kind of attention and would love to meet the man himself one day. People constantly stop him at restaurants or the beach, asking for a picture, and he doesn’t mind. He says he is lucky to look like such a champion in sports and life!

It Makes Muratore Happy

Muratore has been to see several films that ‘The Rock’ starred in, and he explains how when the lights came on, people saw his tattoos and started screaming in excitement and went up to him. He even got offered to play the star’s body double once, but the health crisis that was happening at the time, sadly, put his dreams on hold. The personal trainer says he would love to be in a scrap with Johnson one day if they do Thai boxing which he has trained in.

Looking like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has been a stroke of luck for the personal trainer from Milan, and he hopes to arrange a meeting between the two one day so they can see each other face to face!