It’s Finally Official: ‘La La Land’ Gets a Broadway Adaptation

A recent announcement from Lionsgate discloses that award-winning musical La La Land will finally get a Broadway adaptation. The statement doesn’t reveal whether the film’s director, Damien Chazelle, will participate, nor whether the movie cast will be used for its pending adaptation. One thing is clear, though – fans will get to watch an incredible stage version of one of the most successful musicals in history.

It’s Finally Official: La La Land Gets a Broadway Adaptation

La La Land Hits Broadway

It’s official – La La Land hits Broadway. The production is already in the making, with producer Marc Platt partnering with movie studio Lionsgate. According to the statement the film studio released recently, an incredible team has been brought together to facilitate the next stage of the hit movie’s evolution.

So far, we know that the Broadway adaptation of La La Land will feature music and score from the same team that was behind the film’s soundtrack. It’s yet to be disclosed who will play in the stage production, as well as whether Chazelle will direct the adaptation.

As fans might know, the movie, released back in 2016, got its own concert version shortly after being released. It has been touring the world over the past six years.

Tribute to Classic Movies

La La Land revolves around Sebastian and Mia. The two are struggling to balance their creative ambitions – Sebastian is a jazz club owner, while Mia is a young actress – with their whirlwind romance.

Singing in the rain

The movie, which pays homage to classic moves like Singin’ in the Rain, received critical acclaim at the 89th Academy Awards, winning six out of fourteen nominations. Some of the awards include Best Director, Best Actress, Best Original Song, and more.

La La Land won’t be the first Lionsgate movie to get a Broadway adaptation. Other Lionsgate productions that got their stage adaptations include renowned films Dirty Dancing and Nashville, which is a country-themed music series.