When Can Kate Middleton Sport Sunglasses, and When Are Shades Banned?

Members of the royal family wear sunglasses too! The latest example is from a Wimbledon tennis match between Carlos Alcaraz and Novak Djokovic, where Princess Charlotte, her mom Kate Middleton, and her dad, Prince William wore sunglasses. Some restrictions apply regarding when and how royals wear this accessory, though.

Kate Middleton Seen in Sunglasses: Royal Etiquette and Sunnies
Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton in Sunglasses During a Wimbledon Match

The royals only had their sunglasses on while they were watching the game. During meetings with staff, volunteers, ball boys, and girls, as well as others before the beginning of the match, the members of the royal family didn’t wear glasses. Similarly, the sunglasses were nowhere in sight when they went inside to congratulate Alcaraz on his win. Kate Middleton is known to wear sunglasses at Wimbledon; however, she doesn’t do that often during her other public outings, and neither do the other royals.

When Can Royals Wear Sunglasses?

Etiquette experts shed some light on the matter. ‘Sunnies,’ as sunglasses are socially called in the U.K., can be seen on royal faces during official engagements, but usually only if those events are sporting events in a sunny environment or climate. Royals have to remove sunglasses when they walk inside or have a serious or prolonged conversation or during any formal greeting.

When Can Royals Wear Sunglasses?

The reason for these restrictions posed by royal etiquette on the wearing of sunglasses is that they don’t allow direct eye contact, which poses a communication barrier. Taking sunglasses off upon meeting someone is considered a sign of respect and courtesy to the other person.

The Royals Support British Eyewear Designers

Kate Middleton is famous for supporting British designers with her choices of eyewear. Some brand examples include Victoria Beckham and Finlay.

Prince William is also a fan of the British brand Finlay, which adds a contemporary touch to his clothing at Wimbledon. Kate Middleton recently wore the glamorous cat-eye Vivian of the same brand, in a tortoiseshell shade. She used them as a headband before the game and removed them when the time came to award her husband and other players with prizes after the match.

Even Queen Elizabeth Sometimes Wore Sunnies

Even Queen Elizabeth Sometimes Wore Sunnies

The Princess of Wales is far from the only member of the royal family to wear sunnies every now and then. During sunny events, King Charles and Camilla also protect their eyes with glasses. Even Queen Elizabeth was known to wear them. The late monarch usually skipped sunglasses when she was on royal duty, but she sometimes wore them during outdoor events such as garden parties at Buckingham Palace.