How to Talk About Fashion Week if You’re Not That Into Fashion

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Fashion Week is an event that happens in various global capitals and is an electrifying time for fashion enthusiasts around the world. Even people who are not physically attending are often interested in discussing the event, so knowing how to talk about it is crucial for keeping in the loop with your fashion-savvy friends. Here are some key phrases and tips that can help anyone sound like an insider.

Everything Old Becomes New

In the world of fashion, vintage trends always make a comeback. The phrase “Everything that’s old is new again” perfectly captures this sentiment.

From retro prints to classic silhouettes, designers are drawing inspiration from past decades to create fresh and exciting looks. So, vintage trends represent a safe and insightful point to share in any fashion-forward conversation.

Bold Patterns and Street Style

Another trend making waves this year is bold patterns. Describing the shows as being centered around bold patterns is certainly spot on and shows awareness of the dramatic visuals on display. Whether it’s striking stripes or avant-garde designs, these bold choices are setting the stage for upcoming seasons.

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Street style has made a notable return, too, so saying that it is back with a bang is quite accurate and will also highlight a person’s understanding of how everyday outfits are influencing high fashion. Street style often features a mix of casual and chic elements, showcasing personal flair in ways that runway shows might not capture.

Masculine Silhouettes Are Big

The trend of masculine silhouettes is gaining notable traction, and mentioning that will align you with the season’s significant shifts. Designers are experimenting with structured lines and oversized fits, blending traditional menswear shapes into fashionable statements for everyone.

With these phrases, anyone’s conversational toolkit will be ready to discuss Fashion Week and its highlights. From reimagined vintage styles to bold patterns, these talking points can keep a person a part of the fashion conversation, even if they are away from the catwalks.