Food Takes a Central Role in Both Broadway and Off-Broadway Plays

Food is often center stage in Broadway theater plays and becomes a crucial element of the plot and character development. From the infamous meat pies of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street to the mouthwatering barbecue in Fat Ham, food serves the story and becomes a character in its own right.

Prop Food on Broadway

Food Takes a Central Role In Both Broadway and Off-Broadway Plays
Prop Food on Broadway

Preparing food for the Broadway stages comes with its own set of challenges. Denise Grillo, the production props master for the revival of Sweeney Todd, embarked on a unique trial to create the meat pies. Working closely with the Jerard Studio, Grillo designed prop pies that perfectly captured the appearance of edible pies. Balancing the need for realism while ensuring the food is safe and replicable for each performance required meticulous attention to detail.

For the worst pies of Sweeney Todd, Grillo sought to make them as unappealing as possible, in line with the lyrics of the song. Visual research led to the creation of lumpy, square-shaped pies, while the best pies took on a more petite, round shape with rustic fork imprints. The prop pies needed to align with the show’s choreography, requiring innovative solutions like incorporating ski balls and sponge variations.

Real Food Is Sometimes Used on Stage

Real Food Is Sometimes Used on Stage

Broadway or not, in some instances, real food is necessary for consumption on stage. Stacy Donnelly, the food consultant for Waitress, was brought in to bake pies that closely resembled the prop pies in Sweeney Todd. Considering the cast’s dietary restrictions, including vegetarian and celiac requirements, Donnelly had to ensure the pies were gluten-free and meatless while still visually convincing.

Food in theater goes beyond mere sustenance because it creates a sense of trust and intimacy between characters and the audience. In Fat Ham, a play loosely based on Hamlet, a backyard cookout serves as the backdrop for familial drama. Director Saheem Ali aimed to bring an authentic feel to the setting, with food items like corn, ribs, and bread consumed on stage. Chef Lazarus Lynch and production props supervisors contributed their expertise to ensure the food styling was realistic.



The off-Broadway play Sancocho revolves around two sisters making the titular Puerto Rican stew. Real vegetables, meat, and broth are used on stage to enhance the authenticity of the cooking process. The script is built around preparing sancocho, with the chopping and peeling of root vegetables serving as metaphorical moments of self-reflection for the characters.

Creating an immersive theatrical experience involves meticulous attention to detail and collaboration between production teams, prop masters, and food consultants. From prop pies that need to be smashed to perfectly recreated dishes and the aroma of a home-cooked meal, food becomes a powerful element that elicits emotions, connects characters, and resonates with the audience.

What Genre Should You Read Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Next time you’re itching to pick up a new book to dive deep into, you should consider basing the genre on your zodiac sign. Many might be surprised, but astrology and the books your read are stories unfolding before you in repeating patterns. According to the stars, particular titles are more appropriate for certain zodiacs. Look into some and continue searching for the perfect title for your zodiac sign! Enjoy something that will connect with you on a deeper level!

There is a Certain Genre That’s Based on a Person’s Zodiac Sign

Spring Into Adventure, Aries

The zodiac sign Aries is closely related to the beginning of spring, and much like the zodiac, the genre should also begin an adventure or spring into action! If you’re born between Match 21st and April 19th, consider choosing action-adventure for your next great read! The energy of an Aries can be creative, ambitious, fast, and furious, so select a novel that springs you into a great adventure and exploration of strange worlds!

Spring Into Adventure, Aries

Scorpios Would Enjoy Mystery

Scorpios are not afraid – they yearn to dig deep and put things together. The mystery genre is perfect for keeping any Scorpio entertained and enthralled in the center of something big. People born under this zodiac sign between October 23rd and November 21st enjoy being immersed in a dark underworld and turning over stones others are afraid to touch!

Classic Novels for the Capricorns

Those born between December 22nd and January 19th fall under the Capricorn zodiac sign. For all of you, the appropriate titles are those that help you build knowledge. Capricorns like knowing what happened and why. This zodiac enjoys novels that throw them into a discussion. Try out classical historical books that make you understand and feed your thirst for knowledge.

Pisces Live and Breathe the Fantasy Genre

Pisces, born between February 19th and March 20th, is a zodiac that enjoys the lure of the unknown and anything that feeds the imagination! The representatives of this zodiac enjoy those places and stories they can’t put a name to. Invented worlds, fairylands, magical realism, and creative reveries are all genres that a dreamy, poetic Pisces would enjoy immensely! If you fall under this zodiac, choose a read that will take you deep into an allegory with mythical creatures, fantasy places, and magicians!

If you have never thought about it – it’s time to start. Think of a book genre and how closely related it truly is to astrology and your zodiac sign. If you want to delve into books that will take you to the places you want to go – read more about every zodiac and what they enjoy reading about most! Your next great read can be perfect, and follow what you love – you only have to find it!