Every Time Blue Ivy Carter Went to the Grammys, From 2015 to Today

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Given that Blue Ivy Carter has a Grammy Award for Best Music Video for Brown Skin Girl, it’s no wonder that she often accompanies her parents at the prestigious award show. After being at the event a couple of times, the daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z has enough pictures taken there to warrant a timeline of her presence at the Grammys.

Blue Ivy Carter Is a Grammy Regular

Blue Ivy Carter is the firstborn child of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, and her first appearance at the awards goes back to 2015. Since then, she has been at the event many times, getting to know major singers, actors, comedians, and other famous people. Her most recent appearance at the event was in 2024, when she accompanied her dad on stage to accept the Dr. Dre Global Impact Award.

While on stage, Jay-Z remarked that he used to say the reward looked like a sippy cup for Blue, but she was now all grown up for sippy cups. He also pointed out that she has her own Grammy. Blue Ivy Carter is now 12, but back in 2015 she was a little girl who had a wonderful encounter with Rihanna on the red carpet. Then, in 2017, she was at a front-row seat for the show in L.A., sitting on her Dad’s lap. The two were accompanied by her aunt Solange Knowles, who sat next to them.

Blue Has a Grammy to Her Name

Blue was also involved in a sketch version of Carpool Karaoke. The ex-host of The Late Late Show was then also hosting the Grammys and did a sketch with Blue and a variety of superstars, including Jennifer Lopez, Faith Hill, John Legend, Neil Diamond, Ryan Tedder, and Tim McGraw. Blue Ivy was at the Grammys the next year for the 2018 ceremony. This time, the event took place in New York, and Blue was photographed getting kissed on the forehead by her proud father.

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It was then that she had a very relatable snack moment as it turned out she brought some with her and was photographed snacking with her glamorous mother holding some juice for her. The image went viral that year, but at the same Blue got to meet Alicia Keys during the event. The 2024 Grammys was the first time Blue Ivy Carter reappeared at the event, despite getting an award in 2020. As she joined Jay-Z on the stage for the acceptance of the award, she also made a fashion statement by wearing a custom Vivienne Westwood gown.

From Demi Moore to Raquel Welch: Famous Actresses That Appear Younger Than They Are

Michelle Pfeiffer

Many women out there are scared of aging, as they feel that losing their youth is the same as losing their beauty. Although with time comes wisdom and maturity, so does the appearance of wrinkles. However, perhaps we can prevent this, just like these actresses managed to. There are a number of actresses who prove that age is just a number and beauty can, in fact, be timeless. From Demi Moore and Bo Derek to Goldie Hawn and Raquel Welch, you would not believe the ages of some of these women. They have all proven that if you take care of your body, it will take care of you. What are their secrets?

Jennifer Lopez

Despite coming from the block, Jenny was born beautiful and nothing has changed that ever since she became a pop sensation. If anything, turning 50 has just improved her looks.

(Left) Twitter // @Retrophy_ | (Right) Twitter // @withlopez

Julie Andrews

When you think how long ago movies like Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music were released, you realize it is no surprise that Julie Andrews is 83. But how does she looks so good? Julie still looks as youthful as she did in the ’60s and most likely found a skincare regimen that works for her.

Twitter // @annaandy40

Bo Derek

After going beyond the barriers of 60, this beach babe still looks as flawless as she did in the ’70s. She even recently participated in a 3,000-meter swimming marathon, proving age is nothing but a number. The iconic actress from the movie 10 says aside from her open-water swimming, her secrets include horseback riding and tending to her 110-acre ranch herself. Derek also has a flexitarian diet, which is mostly vegetarian but occasionally includes meat. This diet is said to promote health and prevent diseases.

(Left) Twitter // @Roybattyforever | (Right) Twitter // @withlopez

Mia Farrow

Former actress and model, Mia Farrow, received recognition for her role on Rosemary’s Baby and appeared in 13 Woody Allen films while they were dating. She later became a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and was considered one of the most influential people in the world. Even now her youthful appearance is something to envy!

(Left) Tiktok // @jassy_world89 | (Right) Twitter // @ellemagazine

Kate Winslet

Everyone knows Kate Winslet for her iconic role as Rose alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic. She is now pushing forty-five and we’re stunned by how beautifully she’s aging. During an interview, she explained that her diet is the reason she looks this good. To keep her skin glowing, Kate never consumes any salt or alcohol. While it seems like a hard thing to do, maybe seeing her flattering results are a tempting enough reason to start.

(Left) Facebook // Kate Winslet Army | (Right) Twitter // @alpajoco

Olivia Newton-John

While the Grease star sadly battled breast cancer in the ’90s, it helped shape the way she lives her life today for the better. She is a frequent gym-goer, exercising around three or four times a week, and plays tennis. However, her number one beauty secret is being happily married to her “compatible” husband for 10 years. The actress has revealed she has never gone through with plastic surgery because she did not want to look like “those women” in Hollywood.

(Left) Pinterest // @voguemagazine | (Right) Twitter // @tommy_richmonnd

Jane Seymour

Best known for her role in the James Bond film Live and Let Die as well as from Somewhere In Time and East of Eden, Jane Seymour is another of our timeless beauties. The almost 68-year-old is still acting, having recently starred in Let’s Get Physical. Her secret? The star says, “I don’t do any of the plastic stuff… Just exfoliate, take your makeup off and use a good cream.” She also revealed she does light exercise and limits her red meat intake.

(Left) Pinterest // @vintageeveryday | (Right) Twitter // @ahszone

Jessica Lange

American actress Jessica Lange is familiar for her TV and theater roles, especially King Kong and Tootsie. Whether she has miraculous anti-aging products or just knows how to work the camera, given she is a photographer herself, this almost 70-year-old is aging so gracefully.

(Left) Pinterest // @vintageeveryday | (Right) Twitter // @ahszone

Demi Moore

Is it just us or has Demi Moore even improved with age?! “I think that laughter and smiling are one of the best antidotes to aging that you could possibly have,” she told Parade in 2010. Despite this, she is no stranger to trying a beauty innovation every now and then. Moore has opened up about getting non-surgical tightening treatment and even leech therapy.

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Julia Roberts

This Pretty Woman actress became a star for her charming smile and her magnificent acting skills, and nothing has changed in the 25 years since. People magazine named her the Most Beautiful Woman in the World five times! Roberts claims her luminous skin “starts with genetics.” Julia is also known for her organic and gluten-free diet as well as her obsession with Lancome skincare products. She is all natural!

(Left) Instagram // @theblackbarsofficial | (Right) Shutterstock // REX

Lisa Bonet

Lisa Bonet is a star from the ’80s who is most remembered for her roles in The Cosby Show and A Different World. She is also famous for her former marriage to rock star Lenny Kravitz. After being constantly compared to her daughter Zoe Kravitz, who is nearing 30, you would never believe that Bonet is in her “golden years.” Although she has undergone some minor plastic surgery to keep her face intact, it is hard to notice exactly what she’s had done, given her natural and youthful appearance.

(Left) Reddit // u/zombiekjt | (Right) Twitter // @landofthe80s

Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford was one of those girls in high school that not only was beautiful, but she was smart and a valedictorian. She later became a supermodel and actress. Now 55, the beautiful actress is often photographed with her 15-year-old up-and-coming model daughter. “There’s no secret. Looking good is about eating right, getting enough sleep and drinking lots of water,” she told Redbook, “Also, you have to get moving. I work out several times a week, and I hike and ride bikes.”

(Left) Shutterstock // Mike Forster | (Right) Facebook // Canada MedLaser Clinics

Martha Stewart

With her fortune estimated at $1 billion back in 2000, Martha Stewart is known for many things such as being a writer, television personality, and businesswoman. Even through all her success, she still looks ever so graceful.

(Left) Instagram // @vintagemoviestars | (Right) Twitter // @homesandgardens

Meryl Streep

She is one of the more familiar faces among this list and is often described as the “best actress of her generation.” While she is particularly known for her versatility, the same cannot be said for her beauty products. With a net worth as great as Streep, she does not indulge in expensive products for her beauty regimen. Instead, she refrains from touching her face to avoid the spread of bacteria. She also does not wish to have any surgery to avoid looking frozen.

(Left) Facebook // The Academy | (Right) Twitter // @kellmanstreep

Diane Keaton

For decades, Diane Keaton has taken on roles that proved she was Hollywood royalty. After being diagnosed with basal skin carcinoma at 21-years-old, Keaton realized the importance of staying out of the sun’s harsh rays. This really helped her skin and she has never once been under the knife. To fight any signs of aging, Keaton regularly exercises and especially enjoys using her treadmill. She also decided to flaunt her white hair as she feels it looks better on older people.

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Jennifer Anniston

Jennifer Anniston has not aged a day since first appearing as Rachel Green in the hit sitcom Friends at 24 years old. In fact, she looks younger and younger the older she gets. The now-52-year-old actress has not let Hollywood age her. Her skin glows given her healthy diet, exercise, and lots of water.

(Left) Shutterstock // REX | (Right) Twitter // @im_aathmika

Audrey Hepburn

She was America’s sweetheart during Hollywood’s Golden Age, and even after reaching her own golden age, she still looked as beautiful as ever. The actress, model, and humanitarian set the precedent for beautiful women all over the world to use their stunning looks in pursuit of public goodwill. From her carefully plucked eyebrows to her flawlessly applied eyeliner, Hepburn began to let go of the heavy makeup as she aged. After battling cancer, Hepburn passed away at 63 years old, still holding her legacy and natural beauty.

(Left) Twitter // @CHC_1927 | (Right) Pinterest // @housebeautiful

Goldie Hawn

It is pretty hard to believe that this Hollywood ‘good girl’ is now 75. The ageless actress from Private Benjamin had an outstanding career and set precedent for her three children, who are all successful actors themselves. Her beauty also lies within as she set up a nonprofit organization for youth education. Her secret? Apparently, she has none! She stays active, eats healthy, and drinks her green juice every day. She also uses sheet masks which she once revealed on Instagram.

(Left) Pinterest // @shielaelder | (Right) Twitter // @reneayj4

Yolanda Hadid

You may have heard of Gigi, Bella, and Anwar Hadid, but they are all children of this stunning model from back in the day, Yolanda Hadid. More recently, she has become known for appearing on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Yolanda has been battling Lyme disease since 2012, which has led to her being unable to write, read, or watch TV. However, her looks have not faded and she is still as beautiful as her model children.

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Jane Fonda

After managing to juggle a career as an actress, model, fitness guru, and activist, there is no doubt that Fonda knows how to age too. Although she is not shy to admit she has had work on her jawline and under-eye area, Fonda has alternative ways to looking good. Despite it all, she still tries to keep active through exercise and carefully watches what she eats.

(Left) Pinterest // @AOLdotcom | (Right) Twitter // @ThePottyTrain

Lynda Carter

You would not believe that the same lady that appeared on our screens as the first Wonder Woman is slowly approaching 70. Not only did this natural beauty feature as a female superhero, but she was also crowned Miss World America in 1972. You can tell this super hero was meant to be a beauty queen.

(Left) Twitter // @Masquerade2376 | (Right) Twitter // @CitizenScreen

Michelle Pfieffer

After being honored with the title of People‘s first ‘World’s Most Beautiful Woman’ in 1990, it is no surprise that Michelle Pfeiffer has aged flawlessly. The actress who starred in Batman now embraces her vegan diet to live long and avoids having plastic surgery, as she claims she does not want to look like a “wax figure”.

(Left) Twitter // @ah23499 | (Right) Pinterest // @alluremagazine

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara almost always comes up in conversation when you’re talking about actresses that have aged well. Although nearing her 50s, she doesn’t look a day over 30. The Modern Family star has made it very clear that she is not a fan of aging. Apparently, the best tip her mom told her is that the last bit of water in the shower should be cold to get glowing skin. Cold showers it is then!

(Left) Twitter // @PopCulture2000s | (Right) Twitter // @21metgala

Raquel Welch

She turned heads in the ’60s, and even to this day, this 78-year-old remains one of Hollywood’s best-looking actresses. Okay, we must admit Welch has had some assistance in the aging process, such as cosmetic dentistry. However, there is no denying she’s still got it. Welch revealed she uses a $9 udder cream to erase aging lines called Bag Balm which is the same ointment farmers use on cattle! Although strange, if it works for Welch, we want some!

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