Blake Lively’s ‘Disco Waves’ Are the More Glamorous Version of Beach Waves

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Blake Lively always stands out on the red carpet. Whether it’s her hair, makeup, or outfit, all eyes are on her, and with good reason. Known for her beautiful waves, the actress never fails to amaze us with her hairstyle. In this article, we’ll reveal how to get those iconic beachy waves at home.

Blake Lively’s Glamorous Style

Blake Lively is confident in herself, and that’s why we love her. She knows she’s a trendsetter, and she never disappoints her fans. Recently, she appeared at the film premiere of Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé in London, and we couldn’t take our eyes off her. No matter how gorgeous her outfit looked, her beauty look is what stood out. Lucky for all of us, makeup artist Sofia Schwarzkopf-Tilbury has shared all the products she used on Blake on Instagram.

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If you’re still unsure how to style your hair for New Year’s Eve, this could serve as some great inspiration. The best news is that Blake Lively’s glamorous look actually gives out major beach wave vibes and can be achieved at home. They’re perfect for the holiday season and don’t really require much effort.

How to Get the Look

To achieve these waves, you can use a normal curling iron. Take larger sections of hair and wrap them around the iron as loosely as possible. Then, go through the waves with a wide-tooth comb and use a saltwater spray to make them a little frizzy.

In the Instagram post, you can also find a list of the makeup products used for Blake’s look. It looks natural and radiant, which is not a surprise, considering that Sofia Schwarzkopf-Tilbury is the daughter of beauty queen Charlotte Tilbury. Of course, all the products she had used were from her mother’s brand. Who wouldn’t want an airbrush flawless finish after all?

How Online Dating Apps Have Completely Altered People’s Lives

In January 2020, long before the difficult world situations swept through most of the world, Dante, 27, downloaded Hinge, Bumble, and Tinder. He wanted to meet people and have fun but wasn’t looking for hookups. He had over 60 dates, with varying degrees of success. He claimed that the whole dating experience nowadays is different from what it used to be. Here is why.

How Online Dating Apps Have Completely Altered People’s Lives

The Whole Dating Experience

The abundance of dating options, complete with flashing lights, blaring sounds, and zippy graphics, gives these apps the feel of a video game. Such apps engage areas of the brain that transform them into a sport. This releases endorphins with each match or text message. Because users don’t know which swipe will result in a match, apps like Tinder use a variety of ratio reward schedules. This means that your matches will be randomly distributed. It’s the same reward system used in Las Vegas slot machines and in an animal experience where researchers train pigeons to repeatedly peck at a light on the wall.

The evolution of online dating is one of the most significant events in the history of human reproduction. According to a 2017 Stanford study, approximately 40% of straight couples and 60% of same-gender couples in the US met online. Even before social-related spikes, online dating is now the most common way for American couples to meet.

Finding Love Online

Here is another story. It’s about Amanda Kusek, 33, who met her current boyfriend, Frank, on Tinder in 2015. He was her first date on the app, and she only ever had two dating app meetups! Amanda shares that she found it appealing that Frank wanted to meet her in person after a brief conversation. Kusek proposed to her boyfriend on the Connecticut balcony of her mother’s home in August 2020. Her mother even bought them a pillow that reads “We Met on Tinder.”

Hayley Quinn, a London-based dating coach, asserts that a simple shift in perspective can improve people’s online dating experiences. She says that apps reflect human behavior. For example, if you begin believing that no one wants anything genuine anymore, this will be your story. You must create your motivation to interact meaningfully with these platforms.

Instead of swiping while watching Netflix, Quinn advises her clients to dedicate a portion of their day to using dating apps and to optimize their dating profiles so that the photos are well-lit, the captions are non-generic, and the opening messages are tailored to the person they have matched with. Yes, that’s right – no Hi’s or Hey’s. Good luck!