A24 Sold Props & Costumes from Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once was nominated for 11 Oscars this year and won seven of them. The breakout indie hit also has a large, affectionate fan following, so it was no wonder that A24, the independent studio that made the movie, auctioned its memorable set pieces, props, and costumes.

Props of Everything Everywhere All at Once for Sale

A24 Sold Props & Costumes from Everything Everywhere All at Once
A24 Sold Props & Costumes from Everything Everywhere All at Once

The film’s official Pet Rock merch has already sold out, and shoppers were even spending $35 for a rock with googly eyes on it. On top of that, fans of the film and its pet rocks could actually purchase the real deal after A24 announced it was selling the memorable props, among other memorabilia.

Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, who are collectively known as “the Daniels,” were in charge of Everything Everywhere All at Once. The plot of the movie revolves around a Chinese immigrant named Evelyn, played by Michelle Yeoh, who discovers the ability to jump between different alternate universes. Each universe contains a different version of her life with her husband, Waymond, played by Ke Huy Quan, and her daughter, Joy, played by Stephanie Hsu.

Three Charities Were the Beneficiaries

A24 Sold Props & Costumes from Everything Everywhere All at Once

According to Kwan, the film utilizes the concept of a multiverse to explore the sensation of being alive in the present moment. The experience of feeling inundated with numerous narratives simultaneously while also experiencing emotions such as laughter, tears, confusion, and fear, is examined in the movie.

The items that were available for purchase included Waymond’s chapstick, Evelyn’s hot dog costume, and Raccacoonie, among others. The auction was conducted until March 2nd, and it was divided into three segments. The money raised from the sale was distributed among three charitable organizations.

Everything Everywhere All at Once cannot be easily classified into one genre as it incorporates various elements of science fiction, romance, family drama, and more. The movie is a mix of emotions as it contains moments of humor, absurdity, and heartbreak. Its underlying themes include generational trauma, love, family, acceptance, immigrant experiences, and the commonplace aspects of modern life. Interestingly, a significant portion of the film is set in an IRS office.

Tips to Start a Book Club and Turn it Into a Thriving Community

Whether you want to make new friends, spend more time outdoors, or simply praise your favorite books and authors, starting a book club can be a huge step forward in the right direction. But how can you ensure that your community will meet regularly? With these simple hacks, of course! Check out these simple and effective ways to make your club really successful.

Tips to Start a Book Club and Turn it Into a Thriving Community

The Ideal Book Club to Start

The first step to make is what kind of club you want to run. Of course, variety is crucial here because you can’t simply focus on one genre and steer clear of all else. With that in mind, there’s always a good idea to have a particular topic in mind on which the entire club will revolve. Depending on how active you want the club to be, you can choose LGBTQ+-oriented articles and books, classic novels, thrillers, etc.

In-Person or Online Meetings

Once the tone has been established, it’s time to figure out how the book club members will meet. Generally, there are two options – in-person or online. In-person meetings are associated with socialization and the allure of refreshments (drinks or snacks), whereas online meetings are generally more affordable and appropriate for people who travel a lot.

In addition, we can’t go without mentioning the hybrid model. As you might imagine, it combines both in-person and online meetings. This option is especially helpful if you’re running a bigger club and not all members can meet at the same time – some might join via a Zoom meeting.

Time to Meet the Book Club Members

Gathering people to join can either be the most awkward or one of the most exciting moments of the book club establishment process, depending on your personality. If you’re feeling too nervous, try teaming up with a dear friend to help you pitch the club more eloquently and without stress.

Of course, people who don’t fancy such “aggressive” approaches can try putting up signs in public places advertising your club or simply do it online. Remember that many clubs start off small, so don’t get your hopes too high.

Meeting Structure Is Essential

It’s vital to have a strict meeting structure, just like it’s crucial to get all book club members on board with it. Unstructured conversations might sound like a good thing, but they can get off point very quickly. So, decide the length of the whole meeting and divide it into structural elements, such as socialization, book discussion time, questions, etc.

These simple hacks will help you establish a thriving book club. You can try various activities to spice things up, introduce new discussion elements, or anything else that’ll bring more and more people to your club.