Tips to Start a Book Club and Turn it Into a Thriving Community

Whether you want to make new friends, spend more time outdoors, or simply praise your favorite books and authors, starting a book club can be a huge step forward in the right direction. But how can you ensure that your community will meet regularly? With these simple hacks, of course! Check out these simple and effective ways to make your club really successful.

Tips to Start a Book Club and Turn it Into a Thriving Community

The Ideal Book Club to Start

The first step to make is what kind of club you want to run. Of course, variety is crucial here because you can’t simply focus on one genre and steer clear of all else. With that in mind, there’s always a good idea to have a particular topic in mind on which the entire club will revolve. Depending on how active you want the club to be, you can choose LGBTQ+-oriented articles and books, classic novels, thrillers, etc.

In-Person or Online Meetings

Once the tone has been established, it’s time to figure out how the book club members will meet. Generally, there are two options – in-person or online. In-person meetings are associated with socialization and the allure of refreshments (drinks or snacks), whereas online meetings are generally more affordable and appropriate for people who travel a lot.

In addition, we can’t go without mentioning the hybrid model. As you might imagine, it combines both in-person and online meetings. This option is especially helpful if you’re running a bigger club and not all members can meet at the same time – some might join via a Zoom meeting.

Time to Meet the Book Club Members

Gathering people to join can either be the most awkward or one of the most exciting moments of the book club establishment process, depending on your personality. If you’re feeling too nervous, try teaming up with a dear friend to help you pitch the club more eloquently and without stress.

Of course, people who don’t fancy such “aggressive” approaches can try putting up signs in public places advertising your club or simply do it online. Remember that many clubs start off small, so don’t get your hopes too high.

Meeting Structure Is Essential

It’s vital to have a strict meeting structure, just like it’s crucial to get all book club members on board with it. Unstructured conversations might sound like a good thing, but they can get off point very quickly. So, decide the length of the whole meeting and divide it into structural elements, such as socialization, book discussion time, questions, etc.

These simple hacks will help you establish a thriving book club. You can try various activities to spice things up, introduce new discussion elements, or anything else that’ll bring more and more people to your club.

Aerialist Aidan Bryant Won America’s Got Talent: All-Stars

Recently, the winner of America’s Got Talent: All-Stars was chosen by the superfans. Following weeks of impressive competition, the title went to self-taught aerialist Aidan Bryant, who expressed his excitement in an interview after claiming the victory, stating that he had worked hard for it and felt that it had really paid off.

Aerialist Won America’s Got Talent

Aerialist Aidan Bryant Won America's Got Talent: All-Stars
Aerialist Aidan Bryant Won America’s Got Talent: All-Stars

Bryant expressed his satisfaction with winning America’s Got Talent, stating that he was able to showcase a wider range of dynamic skills that he hadn’t previously been able to. He described the win as a significant accomplishment, stating that it was a really big deal for him. Bryant went on to explain that during his previous appearance on the show in season 16, he was less experienced and lacked confidence in his choreography and music choice. However, he learned everything that viewers saw during his latest appearance over the course of the last two years and was eager to show it off.

The Competition Was Tough

Aerialist Aidan Bryant Won America’s Got Talent: All-Stars

It is well-known among fans that Bryant previously competed on season 16 of AGT in 2021 but was defeated by magician Dustin Tavella, an experience that he described as crushing. When he returned to compete on America’s Got Talent stage, Bryant made it clear that he was determined to make the most of his second chance. In an episode of the All-Stars series that aired on January 9th, Bryant stated that he knew he had to seize the opportunity, saying he couldn’t lose to Tavella again. Following the episode, Bryant received the superfan vote and secured a spot in the finale.

During the finale, Bryant delivered a stunning performance that left judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, and Heidi Klum, as well as host Terry Crews, on their feet. Reflecting on the experience in an interview at the time, Bryant expressed his gratitude for making it to the finals, stating that it was a testament to the hard work he had put in since he was 14 years old, practicing in his backyard tree. He went on to say that his second chance on the show was an opportunity to prove to the world that he had transitioned from being an amateur to a professional aerialist.

Aerialist Aidan Bryant Won America’s Got Talent: All-Stars

As part of the finale, Bryant had the opportunity to perform on stage with Adam Lambert, a former American Idol contestant and current Queen frontman. He was joined by the other finalists, The Bello Sisters. Reflecting on the experience, Bryant spoke highly of Lambert, describing him as awesome and very sweet. Lambert himself had placed second during his time on American Idol in 2009.