TikTok Has a Huge Book Community and Its Inaugural Book Awards

TikTok has a large book-loving community that’s known as #BookTok. Over the years, it has proven to be one of the literary world’s most powerful forces, amassing over 157 billion views and actually revitalizing book sales. The hashtag has gained enormous popularity, and a virtual book club has even been established on the platform.

TikTok and Its Book Community

TikTok made a good choice to add to the excitement and introduce the official TikTok Book Awards in the UK and Ireland. These prestigious awards have a shortlist of books that have recently been unveiled and voted on. It showcased acclaimed authors like Dolly Alderton, Bolu Babalola, and Sally Rooney. The selection process was overseen by a panel of judges comprising prominent names and publishers from the UK’s literary community. The focus was apparently placed on reflecting the diversity and creativity of the #BookTok community.

TikTok Has a Huge Book Community and Its Inaugural Book Awards
TikTok and Its Book Community

The seven categories that make up the shortlist offer a wide range of titles and authors. Some expected contenders fall into the category of “Normal People,” and others like George Orwell and Jane Austen fall into the “Classic” category. Other niche selections catering to various tastes have also found their place on the list.

The TikTok Book Awards

The TikTok Book Awards have various imaginative categories like “Best Book I Wish I Could Read Again for the First Time,” starting thought-provoking discussions and conversations among creators, authors, and readers on the app. The awards also acknowledge the significance of bookshops and have a category called “Best Bookshop of the Year.” All the power to determine the ultimate winners was in the hands of the #BookTok community.

The TikTok Book Awards

The voting process was done through an in-app voting hub where users cast their votes until July 28th. The anticipation is building, and the winners are eagerly anticipated, with the announcement scheduled for August. The TikTok Book Awards have not only elevated the love for literature within the platform’s community but have also added an exciting new dimension to the literary world as a whole.

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