Holiday Books to Snuggle Up With This Season: From Romance to Magical Realism

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Books should be like a warm hug. When you pick the right book, it’s like finding a special potion to make you feel better. Whether you need a sprinkle of hope, happiness, or courage, a good book can chase away worries and give you a cozy place to relax. And in December, holiday books with their cozy settings and heartwarming stories are the best way to enjoy the festive season!

Christmas in Rose Bend

We’ve picked out some awesome holiday books that have that warm and cozy holiday vibe. So get your soft blanket, a yummy mug of hot chocolate, and a book that will make your heart feel warm and fuzzy. Check out these three great holiday books, from funny love stories to magical adventures.

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If you like sweet stories set in small towns, you should check out Christmas in Rose Bend by Naima Simone. In this one, a nurse named Nessa is on a trip with her sister Ivy. They meet a guy named Wolfgang, who runs the inn in Rose Bend. Nessa is dealing with some sad things after her mom died, so she’s not really thinking about love. But as she spends time in Rose Bend, she starts to smile again and feels like she’s found a new home. The author has also written another story about the town of Rose Bend if you can’t get enough after this one.

Eight Dates and Nights

If you like fun and happy stories for young people, Eight Dates and Nights by Betsy Aldredge is the story for you. It’s about a girl named Hannah from New York who gets stuck in a small town in Texas with her grandma because of the snow.

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She feels a bit sad and bored until she meets Noah, another teenager who loves Hanukkah. Noah is super cute and loves everything about the holiday. After they share a kiss, Hannah starts to feel like Hanukkah is more magical than she thought. It’s a sweet and fun story about growing up during the holidays.

The Christmas Escape

If you’re into stories about adventures and complicated relationships, you should try The Christmas Escape by Sarah Morgan. She’s known for writing love stories that make you feel warm inside. In this book, best friends Christy and Alix plan a snowy family trip, but Christy has a big problem with her husband, Seb. To solve it, Alix and Seb’s friend, Zac, will take Christy’s daughter on the trip, and they’ll all meet again on Christmas Day. It’s a journey full of love and holiday cheer!

Whether you end up choosing one of these books or something else, make sure you enjoy the holiday season with those you care about in a cozy environment. It’s the best way to start a new year!