The Books That Changed Megan Fox’s Life

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Megan Fox has been on a spiritual journey for some time now. She’s shared that both writing her own poetry and reading have had a lot of influence on her growth and shared a few of her favorite books that made a big impact on her. Read on to learn about a few of them.

The Body Keeps the Score and Jonathan Livingston Seagull

The Body Keeps the Score is written by Bessel van der Kolk, and it’s definitely the easiest one to read. Megan explains it’s on the clinical side and talks about how the human body handles emotions.

Another book that’s important to Megan is Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. The book tells the story of a seagull who learns a lot of lessons. Fox read this book at a very young age and related a lot to Jonathan’s struggle to maintain his own identity while still being a part of something. The actress even shared that the book led her to an existential crisis in 5th grade, making her question all aspects of life.

Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self and Her Own Poetry

Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self is a book by Sandra Ingerman and is based on shamanism. She recommends it to anyone looking to restore part of themselves they have lost.

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Megan Fox has even created her own poetry collection called Pretty Boys Are Poisonous. It was inspired by sadness and heartbreaks, text messages, journal entries, and letters Fox has composed throughout the years. They’re basically based on her own life and struggles. She shared that her book was a reflection of rebelling against the patriarchy. Her work is also inspired by women’s feelings and pain. Megan has loved writing ever since she was a child, creating poems for members of her family. The actress also expressed her wish to use her platform for good and help others. It is also the reason she decided to publish her book. She wants to use her own life journey to encourage others to put their own pain into art.

Surfer Captures ‘One in a Million’ Footage as He’s Body-Slammed by a Whale

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Aussie surfer Jason Breen had a crazy run-in with a humpback whale while wingfoiling, and the 55-year-old surfer managed to get some epic footage of the whole thing. In an interview, Breen was stoked to be alive and shared the scary deets of getting pulled underwater by the whale.

Surfer Body-Slammed By a Whale

Breen thinks he owes his survival to the leash on his board breaking, which stopped the whale from dragging him even deeper into the water. After the whale encounter, he swam back to shore and found out that his GoPro caught the entire wild scene, including the moment the surfer was whacked by the whale and when he popped back up.

Before the whale high-fived him with its tail, Breen was just out there enjoying a morning wingfoiling session in good weather. He noticed the whale popping up on his right side and realized things were about to get gnarly. The whale dropped right on top of him, pulling him down about 20 to 30 feet underwater.

The Encounter Was Captured on Video

Even though he freaked out when the whale hit him, Breen feels lucky that his leash snapped, saving him from getting wrecked. When the surfer got back on solid ground, he found out someone else had also filmed the whole thing from a different angle. Breen called it a stroke of luck that something that wasn’t supposed to break broke.

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People who saw the footage were shaken, calling the whole thing terrifying and highlighting how crazy rare and intense Breen’s run-in with the humpback was. After this wild moment, Breen thought about how nature can be totally unpredictable. One minute he was having a super exciting adventure and the next, danger popped up out of nowhere. The meeting with the big sea creature really showed Breen how powerful and amazing nature is.